Mission:  Eliminating Stigma; Providing Education; Connections; Support

Vision:  To educate the community and break down the barriers that hinder success in addressing substance use disorder.

A little about us…

The Kalkaska Substance Free Coalition was originally formed in 2014, as a grass roots effort to make positive changes in the county of Kalkaska, as it pertained to substance use disorder. Three years later the coalition joined efforts with DHD #10 and became Live Well Kalkaska Substance Free Coaltion. LWKSFC partners with The Substance Free Coalition of Northwest Michigan, The Kalkaska County Collaborative, and many other organizations. This coalition strives to eliminate stigma by educating the community about substance use disorders, related issues, prevention, and recovery. This coalition also aims to provide connections to resources and support for individuals with substance use disorder, as well as family members.

Suzanne Prentice
Suzanne Prentice
Coalition Coordinator